Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Communications Incorporated vs YouTube


Recently, I got some breaking news, I got a warning strike on! Family Communications incorporated (FCI) claimed my video: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Picture Picture - How Player Piano scrolls are made. And yes, I got a warning strike. Anyways here is the story, Recently, Family Communications incorporated sued YouTube for $2,Billion dollars lawsuit. This is terrible. Also I lost my online friends BJP20 and LLCoolMan (They were suspended from YouTube).

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood first aired on PBS in 1968. My favorite part was when Fred Rogers had a control switch on the couch which controls a small red trolley. Called the "Neighborhood Trolley." It had a piano music when the trolley moves. And it takes us to the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe." Which featured Puppets and Humans. I love the humans. Such as: Chuck Aber, Bob Dog, Lady Aberlin, and so on.... The Puppet characters lives in different locations:
The Castle: King Friday the XIII, Prince Tuesday, and Queen Sarah Saturday.
The Eiffel Tower: Granpere.
The Rock-it's Factory: Cornflake S. Pecially (A.K.A. Corny).
The Treehouse: Henretta Pussycat and X the Owl.
The Museum Go Round: Lady Elaine Fairchilde.
Mountain of Dirt: The Plytapus Family.
The Handless Clock: Daniel Striped Tiger
Someplace Else Elementary School: Harriet Elizabeth Cow.
Anyways, To all you guys who want to post Mister Rogers' Neighborhood here on YouTube, That may not be a good idea at all. You might lose your account. So please, Don't post it. Thank you! And no rude comment or swearing on this blog ether. You will be blocked (Permently).