Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is what would happen if Disney loses the rights to Marsupilami.

Many Voices (CAUTION! Very Loud voice): SQUEAL! OF! FORTUNE! (Wild Cheering)
Pat Playjacks: Hello, Everyone. I'm Pat Playjacks. Happy to welcome you to Squeal of Fortune. Yes, And we got a great show for you for you today... 

This is what has happens if Disney loses the rights to Marsupilami. This Sesame Street sketch appears. I always get annoyed with this sketch. I want Disney to have the rights to Marsupilami. Because, I want Marsupilami to speak human language. And also to have Sesame Street run other skits, Such as:
 *Miami Mice
 *Sesame Street NEWS FLASH
 *Other Game Show skits (Such as Family Food)
 *Teeny Little Super Guy
 *Cecile the Ball
 *Gloria Globe
 *Mysterious Theater
 *Monsterpiece Theater
 *Super Grover
 *Camp Wannagohoma
 *Grover the Waiter and Mr. Johnson
 *Various Sesame Street Songs and so on...

How would Rocky Balboa feel?


I would think it could make Chris Crocker  do a video called "LEAVE MARSUPILAMI ALONE!"