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Disney's Marsupilami.

Anybody remembers the 90's cartoon? Well here is a Disney cartoon that you may, or may not remember. The show is called "Marsupilami." It's about a yellow, spotted, long-tail marsupial that lived in a jungle with a big purple gorilla. The Gorilla's name is Maurice. The show was created in 1993. But the character was created in 1992. Disney had a series in 1992 called Raw Toonage. The 24 out of 26 episodes are available on Youtube, DailyMotion and MySpace! I am missing the following episodes: "Romancing the Clone," "The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre," "The Young and the Nestless," "Wannabe Ruler?" and "Hot Spot."
Marsupilami: (Cover his nose while on the phone) "Mr. Norman's Office, Please hold. I'll see if he's in."
Working Class Mars: Marsupilami and Maurice are at a job with Norman.
The Hairy Ape (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami told Maurice that's enough eating bananas. Marsupilami beg Maurice to do something else, Marsupilami tried genre music (Rock and Roll, Easy Listening, Jazz, Raggae), But nothing interest Maurice. Marsupilami does the Limbo. But then, When Maurice tried to reach those bananas, Maurice fell in the trap, Where Norman told Marsupilami that Maurice is going to the party. But Marsupilami wants to go there too.
Normzan of the Jungle: Parody of Tarzan (which Disney later made in 1999). Norman was dressed as Tarzan and made a magic trick on Maurice. One of the funny quotes was ''Marsupilami: Maurice, Snap out of it! Say Something (Mind struck his head) Oh, He can't talk! U'm How about a burp? (Maurice splats Marsupilami) (Marsupilami uses his tail as a jack to push Maurice up) Move it, Maurice! Bathtime for Maurice (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami tries to give Maurice a bath. But Maurice ends up land on Piranha Point, Crocodile Cove, And the Water falls.Hole in Mars: Marsupilami and Maurice are playing Golf with Norman. Watch for the cameo of "Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom!" Cavemen. The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami, Maurice, and Norman are searching for hidden tresures. The Wizard of Mars: Parody of "The Wizard of Oz." Marsupilami got caught by a Tornado which got a big storm to a far away land. Marsupilami had to follow the yellow spotted path. There, He met Maurice the Tin-Gorilla. And avoid the Norman which. The Puck Stops Here (Raw Toonage short): Norman plays Hockey with Marsupilami. Goofs: When Marsupilami said "Oh Yo-Houba! Mr. Skater boy!", His arms looked like Human arms. Mar-Sup-Du-Jour: Eduardo tries to chase Marsupilami. But Marsupilami learns the tricks Notes: Eduardo was debut for this episode. Romancing a Clone (Raw Toonage short): Norman is dressed up a female Marsupilami. Maurice tries to stop it, But Marsupilami falls in love with Norman. Notes: No, It is not The Female Marsupilami from the Original Comics. She never appeared in the Disney Cartoon.Marsupilami: "I am not your mama, I'm Marsupilami!"Toucan Always Get What You Want: Marsupilami and Maurice takes good care to the baby Toucan while being chased by Eduardo. Note: Watch for a Cameo of the NBC Peacock. The Fear of Kites (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami accidentally losses his kite and went up to a hotel. They tried to get in, But the Bellhop (Norman) won't let them in. So, They disguised as someone else (Maurice is dressed up as Elvis). Marsupilami: "You have graduated from the Marsupilami school of No More Neuoses!"
Mars' Problem Pachyderm: Marsupilami plays school with Stewart the Elephant. Marsupilami told Stewart that there is nothing to be scared of. Note: Stewart the Elephant makes his debut. Marsupilami meets Dr. Normanstein (Raw Tonnage short): Marsupilami and Maurice explores a Haunted Mansion. Where they meet Dr. Normanstein. Steamboat Mars: Marsupilami and Maurice is riding on board the boat where Norman is driving on.Someone's in the Kitchen with Mars (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami and Maurice goes to the hotel again. This time, Norman stoled the Fruit basket. Note: This episode has the "Red Alert" alarm from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Hey! Hey! They're The Monkeys!: Marsupilami babysits those three baby monkeys who were banned from the circus. But they took over Marsupilami's nest. Marsupilami and Maurice found the way to get rid of those three baby monkeys. Note: Jim Thurman provided the voice for The Three Baby Monkeys. Marsupilami: "You need a lesson in love with Romance."
Prime mates Forever (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami teaches Maurice on how to be in love with a female gorilla.Thorn o' Plenty: Eduardo has a thorn on his paw. And Marsupilami was happy to pull the thorn. But now what would Eduardo want to do? Which Doctor is Which? (Raw Toonage short): Norman plays tricks on Marsupilami and Maruice with the curse mirror. Note: "Home in the Jungle" is a spoof of the song "Home in the Range." A Spotless Record: Maruspilami loses all his spots after he ate a bad fruit. But Stewart found a way to cure him and get his spots back. Mars Vs. Man (Raw Toonage short): Marsupilami explores a building that Norman built.Cropsy-Turvy: Marsupilami tells a scary story about Cropy to Maurice and Stewart. But Cropsy turns out to be a nice person.Safari So Good (Raw Toonage short): Norman and his aunt takes Pictures of animals in the jungle. And Marsupilami wants to be part of it. And he does so. Marsupilami: "Now this is where I call an I call an international vacation!"
Royal Foil: Marsupilami and Maurice are on vacation in London England U.K. Where they are told by Norman to steal the crown jewel. Note: Marsupilami mentions Richard Starkey of The Beatles. Marsupilami: (Checking his watch and using his tail as the blood pressure pumper) "It might be safer to check your blood pressure!"
Jungle Fever (Raw Toonage): Marsupilami tries to cure Maurice, who is very sick. But Maurice kept on Sneezing at Marsupilami to an anoying lion named Leonardo.

The shorts, Wannabe Ruler?, The Young and the Nestless, and Hot Spot were only shown on Raw Toonage.

Both Marsupilami and Raw Toonage were on Disney's One Saturday Morning on NBC (National Broadcasting Company). This was before Disney's One Saturday Morning transfer from NBC to ABC in 1996.

If you have any questions about this series, Please do.

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